Restoring the Beauty of Sash Windows in Abertillery, Gwent

Combine modern comfort with an old-fashioned, classy aesthetic with the help of our sash window repairs and restoration. At PV Joinery, in Abertillery, Gwent, we have long worked with sash windows, and not only replace and restore them, but also offer draught proofing that seals in heat and reduces external noise.

Surveying the Work

As with the majority of our work, including staircase design, we conduct a free survey at the client's property in order to assess the work. After the survey has been completed, we will provide an accurate quote for the work.

Repair or Replace

Once we have removed both the top and bottom sash windows and assessed them, any rotten wood is either repaired, using our unique two-part epoxy resin, or replaced with a new installation that includes the sash windows, box frame, and window sill. While it is our priority to restore your windows, replacements will be used as a last resort, as most sash windows can be renovated to recapture their original beauty.

Designing Replacement Windows

As a replacement is often a necessity, not a choice, many of our customers request their new windows replicate their predecessors. We are able to design single-glazed sash windows that match your previous installations, whether your property is a listed building or a terraced house. Made to the highest quality standards, we will supply and install the windows, with both aspects of the service being included in the original price.

Revolutionising the Market

PV Joinery has developed a range of unique double-glazed sash windows, truly taking the market forward. They are aesthetically the same as traditional designs, with each section being evident, but offer all of the warmth and security benefits of double glazing.

Preventing old Draughts

Draught proofing is one of the most efficient methods of reducing noise and the influx of cold air through gaps in worn or ill-fitting windows, as well as eliminating rattles. The system is incorporated around your existing window timber, using a carrier that holds a strip of brush pile which forms a barrier against all weather. It holds the sash windows firmly but gently, allowing them to open and close with ease.

Contact us now, in Abertillery, Gwent, to receive more information about our sash window restoration and repairs.