Beautiful Wooden Staircases Built in Abertillery, Gwent

In many homes, the staircase is considered an insignificant aspect of the interior design and is subsequently neglected. At PV Joinery, in Abertillery, Gwent, we understand that your staircase can actually be an incredible installation that lights up your home. Our joiners provide wooden staircase design and installation services, working with the client to perfect a feature that enhances the interior appearance of your property.

A Staircase Made Just for You

Utilising more than 30 years of experience, PV Joinery is able to design, manufacture, and install a range of bespoke staircases for both residential and commercial premises. We use contemporary or traditional materials to meet the aesthetic preferences, practical requirements, and budget of each client. Ranging from softwood to oak, we will design staircases in conjunction with an architect to ensure a smooth, quality finish.

Fair and Accurate Quotes

In order for our clients to receive a fair price that reflects their chosen service, we offer individual quotes for the design and installation of a staircase. As with our doors and loft conversions, we will assess the work and take a number of measurements before setting an accurate price. For customers that do not require the design process, and simply want us to supply a softwood staircase, we charge a flat rate of £340.

Contact us now, in Abertillery, Gwent, to find out more about our wooden staircase design and installation.